Friv Online Games – What Do They Have to Offer?


Keeping kids away from online gaming is like keeping them away from the televisiуn set. It is impossible, so instead, think about orienting their attention towards games that help them learn. This is exactly what Friv Online Games offers. This is a site that pics out some of the best educational and non violent games on the web. Then it directs the player toward that site.

What’s The Difference between Friv and other Gaming Sites?

O.K. so you’v understood that Friv is not a game site of its own, but redirects you to other great games on other websites. Most people are thinking about now, “Well, why can’t I just go to the original game site then. Of course, you can, but what makes Friv useful is that it blocks access to the other games from its site. Players only have access to the non-violent or educational game that Friv oriented them towards.

What Can Kids Do on the Site?

On this site kids can learn math, reading, logic, goal setting and time management skills; all interesting topics that kids need in other aspects of their lives.

The Likes

Friv is an attractive site that gives players hours of fun and safe entertainment. It’s a place where both adults and kids can have fun, and learn a few new skills to boot. There are lots of free games, and these don’t have a ton of pop-ups either. Parents are assured that kids only see content that is age appropriate and play games that have some educational value.

The Not Likes

The site is gets an overall positive review, although there are a few things that could be better. Games often don’t inform parents what is being taught, or what skills are being practiced. Game instructions are sometimes a little hard to understand. Still, kids won’t walk away from this great game site.

Here you can visit the official Friv website:

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